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Heather lives and works in Calgary, Canada: tattooing at Altar, painting, drawing, illustrating, and making murals. 

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"Inspired by science & spirituality; like a love child of Guillermo del Toro & Salvador Dali, her work delivers light & love in the creepiest of ways." -E-volved Magazine

"Her creations illustrate the spiritual connection between flesh and the universe, inviting the beholder to a fantasy world of macabre poetry." -Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

“McLean is now firmly placing her hometown on the global map, courtesy of her inspiringly creative art and impressive technical skill.” -Tattoo Revolution Magazine, UK

“McLean is an artist all should take note of.  She hails from the great frozen north of Canada. Her work speaks louder than any introduction I can come up with.”-Tattoo Snob, NYC

“Heather could be the poster child for the crème de la crème of modern-day artists. Just look at her work and it speaks for itself. She also displays the sound work ethic and kind-hearted personality that has evolved with a growing number of artists today.  It’s no wonder she is one of the shining stars in North America.” -Tattoodles, Montreal

 “Out of the artists showcasing, I was most impressed with the work of Heather McLean. [She] comes from the other end of the spectrum. Her stunning portraits and designs have an ethereal aspect.” -R4NT e-Magazine



McLean is a translator: pulling ideas from the invisible world into a receivable language.  Her work straddles intersection between the phenomenal and the numenal world, using the human form to put the insides on the outside.  She examines the man vs. himself conflict, illustrating the many forms of personal civil war, and victory, and the intersection of science and spirituality.

Her main influences include the human drama, music, primates, astrophysics, existentialism, quantum mechanics, biology, psychonautics/psychedelics, sci fi, robot dreams, physical and mental yoga, rebooting and rewiring the human program and loops, Advaitic Hinduism, and tardigrades.  Heather lives and works in Calgary, Canada. 





  • The Archie Show, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, end feb/march 2017

  • Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, group show Feb 3-26, 2017

  • Golden Moon Gallery, San Mateo CA

  • Nov 19-Jan 19 2016: Distorted Mirror Group show, Last Rites Gallery, NYC

  • Oct 29- Nov 12: Thirteenth Hour Group Show, Last Rites Gallery, NYC

  • Sept 2016: Wall Poetry, Reykjavik (two walls with Urban Nation Berlin)

  • Sept 17-Oct 12: Small Works Group Exhibition, Bein Art Gallery, Brunswick, AUS

  • Spring/Summer 2016: The Ema Show, Hellion Gallery (Portland, Paris and Tokyo.

  • July 2016: 'Invisible Threads' (Group Show) Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

  • Last Rites Gallery (group show) / Empire State Tattoo Convention, NYC, July 15-17, 2016

  • June 2016: 'As Above, So Below', Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia (group show)

  • Spring 2016- Hellion Gallery, The Ema Show (Tokyo, Paris, Portland)

  • May 2016: 'For the First Time', Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia (group show)

  • December 2015- Arch Enemy Gallery, (The Royals group show) Philadelphia

  • October 2015: Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival Gallery

  • September 19, 2015: Beakerhead, Calgary (Beakernight) Human Carousel Activation

  • Sept 2015: The Coaster Show, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles

  • August 2015- The SheShow, Archeloft, Calgary

  • April 2015- Arch Enemy Gallery 3rd anniversary showcase, Philadelphia

  • Oct-Feb 14/15- 8 of Swords Anniversary Show, Brooklyn NY

  • Sept 2014- Montreal Art & Tattoo Show

  • Dec 2013- Horror 5, The House Gallery, Calgary

  • Nov 2013- Bacon, The House Gallery, Calgary

  • July 2013- Vannageddon, The House Gallery, Calgary

  • June 2011- Northern Ink Exposure, Toronto

  • 2005-2008- Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

  • May 2004- Marked for Life Vancouver Convention

  • Aug 2003- Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival

  • Sept 2002- The Art House, Calgary, solo show

  • June 2001- Northern Ink Exposure, Toronto

  • Aug 2001- Regina Tattoo Convention

  • Nov 1999- Rendezvous, Edmonton, solo show

  • Oct 1998- Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver: Gendered, Classed & Sexed Identities.

  • April 1998- CREA Culturele Organisatie, Amsterdam, solo show

Private Collections: Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Berlin, New Haven CT, Richmond VA, San Diego, New York, Hong Kong, Portland, Toronto.