NEW PROJECTS!  please read everything below. 

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I focus on large scale figurative/illustrative/ representational work (see my IG @hyphaea if you're not sure about the work I do) and prefer projects that give me a certain amount of creative freedom (which inevitably provides a better result for the client.) 

If your project IS inside this scope, please cut and paste the following list and email all the required info. Generally I email back projects that are a good match within a month, so thank you for being patient, and for understanding that i only take on the projects i feel i can give the most to. 

  1. Please give a brief but clear description of your project. (What is the subject matter or central idea.)

  2. Where is this tattoo going on your body exactly.

  3. Are there other tattoos to cover or work around on this canvas? Any scars, birthmarks, moles?

  4. How big is the tattoo going to be/ what is the area of coverage

  5. What is your timeline (when are you looking to work on this project)

  6. Are you travelling or local to YYC?

  7. Black and grey or color?

  8. Please include any necessary references (photos if it's a portrait, or other images that show your idea. ....References are not necessary! It's only if you have a very specific thing in mind, I prefer to work without designated references.)

  9. Please include photos of the area you want tattooed. Take them with your timer or have a friend take them. From straight on, not from above or below, not distorted in a mirror, natural light is best. No mirror selfies! Especially if there is a cover up or a work- around involved. Take multiple angles (for example, an arm needs to be shot all the way around- back, side, inside of the arm and everything in between.) STRAIGHT ON.

  10. If you have work you are looking to have covered or added to (or worked on in any capacity, although I don't usually work on other people's projects) please include photos of that as well.


Send your ideas to

Thanks again for your interest, and understanding of this process!